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Could you live without Facebook? A parody trailer contemplates the horror.

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What would happen if Facebook shuttered without warning? Armageddon. The world would go completely haywire. Cats would poke dogs.

We have documented proof! It’s on YouTube!

The trailer for The Social Network 2 paints a vivid picture.

The parodic trailer—no, it’s not an actual sequel to the original movie about the founding of Facebook—comes from Nice Piece Productions of Los Angeles.

Since its upload last November, it’s drawn 674,000 views, but seems to have gotten fresh life of late on sites like Reddit with the news of Facebook’s IPO.

It may be a clever joke. But the ramifications of Mark Zuckerberg shutting down his site may strike a little too close to home for Facebook addicts.

Ex-boyfriends would stalk you in person since there’s no more News Feed. That annoying girl from high school would force you to look at her vacation album in person. Worst of all, people would physically poke you. (Is that Daily Dot executive editor Owen Thomas at 1:23?)

To stop these blood-curdling events from happening, the world’s most talented Facebook user, Jeremy Hewitt, gets a group of friends together to plot the website’s return.

Funny, irreverent, and well-produced, the trailer is a must-watch.

We do have one complaint: needs more Justin Timberlake. Guess he was busy not saving Myspace.

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