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These two lovebirds won't be Forever Alone

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Can you successfully pull off a marriage proposal with the use of memes?

For accomplished entrepreneur and techie Timothy Tiah’s proposal video, shot by Malaysia's Crazy Monkey Studio, the answer is yes. And in the ultimate meta moment, that video just might go viral.

The five minute proposal begins with Tiah standing outside a restaurant with large flash cards displaying popular memes while his fiance-to-be, Audrey, looks on in bemusement with her friends.

Through the use of rage comic faces and memes like Awkward Penguin and Philosoraptor, Tiah explains how he overcame his fear of marriage and realized Audrey is the one for him.  

Be warned: The video will make you tear up a little.

“At the end of the night one of the crew members asked me if I would like to film the entrance again to make it a little more dramatic but I declined. I said ‘This video is for me and Aud. We just want to remember everything as it was,’” wrote Tiah a blog post about the video today.

Audrey broke down her experience in her own blog post, writing that she had no idea it was a proposal, based off prior marriage conversations with Tiah, until the very end.

“I was in shock so I kept asking ‘eh is this a joke ah are you serious are you joking’,” before Tiah got down on one knee, wrote Audrey.

(If Audrey said no, Tiah had printed out a Forever Alone card. Seriously.)

“Nerd gets the hot girl with a Meme proposal, the world just got more awesome ;)” wrote cptain91, in a comment on YouTube.

While first posted on Crazy Monkey Studio’s vimeo account, where it racked up 64,000 views in 10 days, the YouTube repost is quickly becoming as popular.

Within a couple hours of being uploaded, the video has already gathered more than a 1,000 likes, roughly 300 comments, and a thread on Reddit. 

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