Live Coldplay concert on YouTube today

If you can't make it to Madrid, Spain, to see Coldplay, YouTube has you covered.

Will YouTube become the prime destination for live-streaming concerts?

If today’s livestream of Coldplay’s Madrid concert in a bull-fighting ring is any indication, then yes, it just might.

The stream is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. Eastern, and viewers can choose between three different camera angles: a close-up view dubbed the “Director’s Cut”, a slightly zoomed-out “Main Stage Cut,” or the even-further-out “Aerial Camera” meant to capture the crowd.  

YouTube teamed up with American Express; music-video site Vevo; and Dutch photographer, documentarian, and director Anton Corbijn, who will be filming the Coldplay livestream today.

And folks living in New York City are in for a special treat: American Express rented four large screens in Times Square to broadcast the concert.

This is the third large livestream under YouTube’s belt; the video-sharing site streamed the music festival Coachella in the spring, and Lollapalooza in August.  

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