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Don't worry, Kent Molgat. You're far from the only reporter to flop on camera. Here are some of our favorite fails from the past few years.  

Reporters are often told by their editors and producers to get the story at all costs. Unfortunately for some, some costs you just don’t see coming.

In a video that’s making the rounds on the Web today, an unlucky CTV reporter named Kent Molgat strives perhaps a little too hard to get the answers he’s looking for and loses sight of where he’s going in the process. .

As a tribute to Molgat and his painful gaffe, the Daily Dot has scoured YouTube to find some of the best reporter fails for your afternoon viewing pleasure.

Perhaps the worst error any reporter can make is destroying someone else’s work. We really feel for this ice sculptor.

Here, a reporter screws up by destroying a huge Leaning Tower of Pisa replica made of Jenga blocks.

The venerable Anderson Cooper isn’t infallible. During a series of puns, he cracked up laughing live on CNN. Between giggles, he even said “You always see this sort of thing on YouTube and you don’t think it’ll actually happen to you.” Terrific.


Giggling live on air may be pretty embarrassing. Getting pantsed is a little worse.

No reporter fail video round-up could possibly be complete without this classic fluff-piece flub (so famed, in fact, that Family Guy parodied it).

Our final clip isn’t really a gaffe, though it’s still pretty funny. Last month, we talked with the reporter behind a reel of himself providing amusing weather forecasts. Here’s his latest video, complete with a solid Back to the Future reference.

Although we’re not sure whether Molgat got the answers he was looking for, we hope these videos will cheer him up as he nurses that injury.


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