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A top 50 collection and infographic celebrating the Twitter prose of the avant-garde revolutionary. 

A decade ago, Yoko Ono’s philosophical tweets would’ve been printed onto a tear-away, daily calendar.

The avant-garde pioneer regularly updates her account with impressionistic asides, packing profound, bite-size wisdom into 140 characters or less. Like her genre-blurring musical output, Ono’s tweets move with an almost-effortless grace—sparse, modern, and always open to personal interpretation.

Her posts communicate mostly in metaphors, perpetually rearranging furniture, opening windows, and imagining doors, while at other times they consist of singular, evocative words: whisper, dream, and touch

With nearly 1.7 million followers, Ono’s tweets have become an essential read for music aficionados and casual fans alike. Here at the Daily Dot, we wanted to find a way to commemorate and celebrate those posts. What follows is a custom-word cloud, generated by Ono’s 3,000-plus posts, as well as our top 50 favorite tweets. 



Data image by Grant Robertson

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