Wiz Khalifa samples 'Stranger Things' theme song on new song 'Stranger Things'

wiz khalifa

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Cameo in season 2?
Stranger Things is experiencing some serious long-tail popularity based on the strength (and rapping talents) of its young cast, but its theme song continues to be influential as well. And now Wiz Khalifa's doing the nod. 

On Sunday, the rapper tweeted out some inspired artwork for a new single, titled "Stranger Things," featuring Taylor Gang's J.R. Donato.  

The opening will sound familiar to Stranger Things fans: It samples the show's now-iconic theme song throughout. The theme song also made it to Sunday night's Emmys, where three of the cast members performed "Uptown Funk," because why not? 

YouTuber David Johns also made a Stranger Things discovery: The theme song syncs up perfectly with Q-Tip's "Breathe and Stop." 

Listen to Wiz's single below: 

H/T Pitchfork 
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