Will Ferrell courts NBA fans on Twitter

will ferrell nba
The comedian's ballsy schtick is making the rounds on YouTube.

Every NBA player has a secret. And apparently comedian Will Ferrell knows every single one of them.

Before the start of last nights Chicago Bulls game against the New Orleans Hornets, Ferrell took to the mic to introduce both teams. Instead of boring people with just the names of the players and where they went to college, Ferrell spiced things up with some fictional epithets.

“At forward, No. 5, he still lives with his mother, Carlos Boozer,” Ferrel said. “At guard, No. 1, his favorite movie is The Notebook, Derrick Rose.”

The video of Ferrell making the introductions has been circulating around the Web all morning, especially on Twitter where the 44-year-old actor has been mentioned more than 5,000 times in the last four hours, according to stats from Topsy.

“Will Ferrell, you can announce the NBA starting lineups any night, God damn,” tweeted Brian Simkin (@cinnamatron).

will ferrell
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