This video just killed "Gangnam Style"

Congratulations, Spartan High School. You've officially ended the biggest Internet trend of 2012.

This is it. It’s over. Gangnam Style is officially dead.

The following video is supposedly from Spartan High School in New Holland, Penn., but it was actually engineered in a top secret government lab with the sole purpose of destroying the most obnoxious dancing trend since the macarena and that Gap-inspired swing dance revival.

This video is a black hole of awful, so powerful even your I’m-so-embarrassed-for-these-kids laughter cannot escape. Watch as it devours the innocent souls of millions who once actually enjoyed Gangnam Style.

“THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO,” writes the YouTube user who uploaded the parody. “This is from my high school. And I hate my high school, so no shame. Feel free to hate it and share it with the world!”

Somewhere, Psy is sobbing as he performs the horsey dance on a mountain of cash and feels nothing.

Screengrab via Cym4tic/YouTube

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