Harambe, Dat Boi, and the summer of memes

Harambe holding Dat Boi

Photo via Cincinnati Zoo Remix by Jason Reed

Summer memeing, happened so fast.

As summer winds down, let's look back at two memes we just couldn't quit: Harambe and Dat Boi. What can we learn from their senseless deaths? Is there a line between sincerity and performative irony online? Just how many dicks have been out for Harambe?

Unclick editor Miles Klee and weekend editor April Siese join me to discuss this and more.  

dat boi
I killed your meme, and I don't care
Earlier this week, I came across a dank meme . It was amusing. It was mutable. It was causing quite the reaction. It was everything you would want from ephemeral digital culture—and exploding in popularity.
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