Truth Graphs is a two-week-old Tumblr sensation that tells it like it is... in line graph form.

Frustrated about the state of the world today? You could get angry, or just get funny.

One anonymous college undergrad does the latter with his or her hilarious—but bitingly topical—charts.

The two-week old Tumblr blog Truth Graphs features 42 different minimalistic line charts on topical events like the release of the new Tumblr iPhone app and things you’re thinking but won’t say out loud. The most popular chart to date is the one on Todd Akin and his infamous “legitimate rape” comment. It has collected 392 notes.

Here are eight of the best graphs so far.

1) Todd Akin

2) Crocs

3) Exercise

4) Kanye West

5. Nickelback 

6. Summer reading

7) Paul Ryan

8) Comic Sans

All illustrations via Truth Graphs

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