Tumblr users GIF, Photoshop, and remix their way through the RNC

Every week, the Daily Dot examines a top tag that has captured Tumblr users' imaginations. This week: the RNC.

With more than 70 million blogs and more than 100,000 added each day, Tumblr is one of the most vibrant communities on the Web. In Top Tumblr Tag of the Week, we highlight the community's best reaction GIFs, remixes, and memes.

The Republican National Convention in Tampa may have been a washout thanks to Hurricane Isaac, but on Tumblr, it was a splishy, splashy good time.

Between Paul Ryan’s alleged lies and Condoleeza Rice’s lipstick-stained teeth, the RNC has provided Tumblr with comedic fodder all week. The hilarity hit a crescendo Thursday night after Clint Eastwood spent eight minutes berating an empty chair on stage.

Tumblr’s editorial team has been on the ground in Tampa posting original photos and GIFs on its official Election blog.

"First, our goal is not to play in the arena of traditional political coverage," editor Liba Rubenstein told BuzzFeed. "We're not trying to do the same thing that a news organization would do, so it means our perspective is inherently different."

The editorial team’s coverage has been bolstered by a never ending stream of user-created content tagged “RNC.” We’ve highlighted some of the Tumblr community’s best convention-inspired creations below.

Photo via leerobson

mitt romney
Clint Eastwood rant spawns #eastwooding meme
Last night at the Republican National Convention, Hollywood icon and noted GOP OG Clint Eastwood chastised a chair.
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