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Lazy film-making, or cost cutting measures? 

Lazy film-making, or cost cutting measures?

A car driving down the highway is smashed to bits, while other vehicles crash into each other. Sounds like every action movie, right?

When Venezuelan film-maker Jermaín Odremán uploaded a video on YouTube pointing out the similarities between a highway chase scene in Transformers 3 and The Island, he never “imagined the video would be a global sensation”, he writes to the Daily Dot.

Odremán stresses he meant no disrespect: “I did not mean any harm, I just wanted an explanation” for why the same scenes were used twice.

To date, Odremán’s  video highlighting the similarities in two Michael Bay movies has been viewed over 2 million times and reblogged on countless sites.

Odremán, who describes himself as a huge fan of Michael Bay, noticed the similarities right away when a friend pointed out some Transformers 3 scenes that were uploaded on YouTube.

To be fair, no one really saw the Island, so maybe Michael Bay was banking on no one noticing. And as Gawker noted, this isn’t the first time Michael Bay has done this.

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