YouTube star Toby Turner accused of alleged sexual misconduct

Toby Turner rape allegations

Toby Turner/YouTube (CC-BY)

Other women have reportedly come forward.

Toby Turner, a viral video star known under the name Tobuscus, is the most recent YouTuber to face allegations of sexual misconduct and assault.

He has been accused by fellow YouTube sensation April Efff, aka April Fletcher, a gamer who works for Xbox. She alleges that Turner drugged and raped her while they were dating. Turner is a YouTube gamer with 6.8 million subscribers and previously hosted the series Legends of Gaming. Turner is also slated for a scripted project with YouTube Red, which is currently in development.

Fletcher detailed her allegations in a lengthy Tumblr post outlining instances of Turner reportedly lying to her about the status of their relationship, alleging that Turner not only used drugs but that his alleged drug use had increased. She mentions an instance in which Turner allegedly slipped drugs into her drink as well as another incident where she alleges that he continued to have sex with her after she told him to stop.

Fletcher attempts to support her claims with alleged screenshots of text conversations with Turner.
Another ex of Turner's has also stepped forward. Amelia Talon outlined her experiences with Turner in a video, stating that she felt pressured to take drugs with him and had reportedly been forced to take MDMA on one occasion. Talon co-hosts The Gamer Next Door with Pamela Horton and had previously starred in videos with Turner.
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Additionally, Clare Lourdes has stepped forward to support Fletcher on Facebook.

"I have made peace with my time with Toby and don't wish to discuss it in detail, as is my choice," Lourdes wrote. "However, I can say that my time with him has given me the experience and perspective to believe their accounts are absolutely true."

While Turner hasn't responded to the allegations, his mother, Jackie Turner, took to Facebook to do so. She wrote a long post defending her son, claiming that April lived in her house and was making up the story because of jealousy over Turner dating Olga Kay.


Kay, who is no longer dating Turner, also addressed the situation by telling her fans that she was never drugged or raped.

Another ex, Jaclyn Glenn, also made a video about her relationship with Turner. She says she allegedly felt pressured to do certain things while dating him, but clarified that she was never forced into anything.

This is not the first time YouTubers have been accused of rape and sexual misconduct. There's a long and troubling history of primarily men on YouTube being accused of sexually assaulting female fans and fellow YouTubers, often abusing their position of power. YouTube prankster Sam Pepper was accused of assault in 2014, and has since tried to apologize for his misbehavior on his videos. 

We have reached out to Turner and Fletcher for additional comment and will update this story if and when they respond.

Update 2:22pm, April 11: Turner took to YouTube April 11 to deny the allegations in a brief video.

"I have never done anything without her consent, I never tried to trick her into anything," he said. "I read her Tumblr post and I was shocked, and I was hurt. These allegations are absolutely false."
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