Team U.S.A. played 'rock, paper, scissors' at the Olympics this weekend

rock paper scissors

Photo via Peter Griffin/Public Domain Pictures (Public Domain)

The next Olympic sport?

The Olympics are always a time for high drama and intense emotions, but even Olympic athletes can have a lowkey moment now and then.

Team U.S.A. faced off against China in its first basketball game of the tournament on Saturday, defeating them with an impressive 119-62 score. The game was apparently so undramatic that when two U.S. players had to decide who would take a free throw, they settled the issue with a round of "rock, paper, scissors."

The players in question were Jimmy Butler and DeMar DeRozan, ending in a tie. DeRozan wound up taking the throw and missing, which didn't have much impact on the team's victory because, well, the team was already up 91-47 at that time. But they did make history by turning "rock, paper, scissors" into an Olympic sport. Here's hoping they whip out their Beyblades next.

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