Stephen Colbert talks with Donald Trump's new publicist

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Screengrab via The Late Show With Stephen Colbert/YouTube (Fair Use)

'Mr Trump's not available. He's making love to Taylor Swift on a boat made of steaks.'

Donald Trump reportedly pretended to be his own publicist two decades ago. As with the countless other controversies surrounding the presumptive Republican nominee, this bizarre claim hasn't been forgotten.

The Washington Post obtained audio of a 1991 conversation with Trump's alleged publicist, John Miller, digging into the footage and coming up with gold. It turns out that Trump eventually swore under oath that he was indeed Miller (aka John Barron) and that the stunt was merely a "joke gone awry."

Needless to say, late night host Stephen Colbert took notice. The comedian is certainly no stranger to characters who transcend their creator, having turned his neo-conservative persona into a brand so successful it landed him as the emcee of the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Colbert laid into Trump only to be interrupted by a man who sounded suspiciously like the Donald during his show on Friday night.

Turnover certainly is high in the Trump camp. Watch Colbert cycle through three of the presidential hopeful's alleged publicists, all with outlandish names: John-Ald Uh... Melania-Witz, Barron McJohnington, and Mill-John Ivanka-Tower.
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