His Twitter handle might be @boring_as_heck, but Stefan is anything but with his two hilarious Tumblr accounts. 

The man who brought you the Corporate Twits Tumblr has struck comedic gold again with Old People Writing on a Restaurant’s Facebook Page.

The new Tumblr is the brainchild of Stefan (@boring_as_heck) and features hilarious screen grabs of messages written on the Facebook pages of various chain restaurants.

“RIP Willy,” wrote Dave Darling on the page for the Cheesecake Factory. “Willy was my wife’s 18 year old Siamese mix cat. We’re going to miss him.”

It’s unclear what posts are fake and which ones are real. But from the looks of Darling’s Facebook page, which could also be a fake, the comment does indeed exist.

Regardless, Stefan’s trolling offers a crash course for community managers on how to deal with awkward or unpleasant experiences on the Web.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Stefan for comment. In the meantime, enjoy this greatest hits from his many misadventures that we collected on Storify.

Photo by Sea of Legs

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