old man vlogger
Meet Stanley. He reviews movies, has a stellar collection of hats, and still doesn't quite know how a microphone works. 

His name is Stanley. He is an old man. He is often rather eloquent in his own halting, measured way. Sometimes he is frustrating to watch—both because his opinions occasionally veer off course and because his camera and microphone do not work very well—but these limitations are endearing. He has strong opinions and awesome hats. Recently, he introduced a Dora the Explorer doll as a character in his videos. Enjoy some of his best work.

This is the first video of him I ever saw:

Here is one of his characters, a blue-lit man named “creepazoid.”

He reviews movies, and I watch every review, whether or not I have seen or ever want to see the movie.

He gets silly ideas and runs with them.

Here’s some Dora.

Here’s another character, Harkness Wumpersteen Clydpoo, featuring Dora.

I could go on posting highlights because it really doesn’t matter what he’s talking about, I like listening to him talk. He also keeps things fresh with his hats and dolls and characters and general fearlessness and that is why he is my favorite vlogger of any age.

By , screengrab via YouTube

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