Stan Lee launches new YouTube series "Chatroom of Solitude"

chatroom of solitude
Supervillians collide in this new World of Heroes Web series. 

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Stan Lee‘s World of Heroes YouTube channel has been a definite success, attracting over 122,000 subscribers and more than 7.2 video views since its inception nine months ago. The success of the YouTube Original Channel has led Lee to overhaul his digital presence, and one part of that plan is a new World of Heroes Web series, Chatroom of Solitude, with Felicia Day included in the cast.

Chatroom of Solitude features Day as one of five supervillains, all of whom converse via Google Hangout and menace each other with their evil plans. The series feels like a mix between two of Day’s popular credits, mixing Dr. Horrible‘s Evil League of Evil with the Google+ camaraderie of Geek and Sundry’sVaginal FantasyChatroom of Solitude has enough laughs and star power—the series also features Phil LaMarrColin FergusonCarolyn Hennesy, and Matt Knutson—to serve as another hit for World of Heroes, which previously saw hundreds of thousands of views per episode for the Marvel-based Bad Days comedy.

Lee also worked to redesign his website with the help of digital marketing agency Tenthwave. The site, which serves as the homepage for Lee’s POW! Entertainment company, now features a much snazzier look. The comics legend spoke of the recent changes:

“After working with the great team at Tenthwave to re-design and expand, I am more than thrilled to finally unveil this new ‘superhero of a website’ that’s sure to bring me closer to my brigadiers and vice versa.  I have big plans for 2013 and can’t wait to share the news of upcoming projects, films and comics exclusively on this site to subscribers and true believers first.  It’s been a joy to be so connected with fans online and there’s certainly more to come. Welcome to my new home. Excelsior!”

At 90 years of age, Lee is as popular as he’s ever been, and it doesn’t sound like he’s slowing down any time soon. Excelsior, indeed.


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