chatroom of solitude
Supervillians collide in this new World of Heroes Web series. 
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felicia day
Behind “The Guild”: Felicia Day discusses dysfunctional characters and geek culture
"Dear reporters," Felicia Day tweeted this summer, "getting a bit tired of being held up as an ‘authentic’ geek as you write posts against women who ‘exploit’ geek culture."
felicia day
Felicia Day's haircut just became headline news, thanks to sexism
Actress and nerd Felicia Day may be the gaming industry’s most iconic “real” geek girl, but she’s never set out to prioritize feminism. The popular vlogger and creator of The Guild and Geek & Sundry is a champion of gamers of all stripes, but as she told the Daily Dot in 2012, “[W]e are gamers first, and female incidentally.”

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