Social Bluebook wants to help influencers put a price on fame

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You can't put a price on fame—or can you?

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You can’t put a price on fame, and that’s a problem for YouTube, Vine, and Instagram creators trying to be paid fairly for their work. Social Bluebook, a new platform announced today, aims to solve that problem by using hard metrics to help creators assess their bottom-line worth to advertisers and brands.

Founded by former Maker Studios VP Chad Sahley, Social Bluebook has already been running in beta for six weeks.

As digital entertainment and online video personalities have become increasingly mainstream, platforms such as FameBit and Plaid Social have emerged that use metrics to help advertisers to connect with the right creators. But Social Bluebook is the first tool of its kind that puts that data to work for creators by helping them to accurately gauge their asking price.

When asked how exactly Social Bluebook determined that value, Sahley told VideoInk, “It is based on real world deals from advertisers and creators, combined with our collective knowledge of the business. Employing a team of statisticians, we developed a proprietary method of determining brand values. The values constantly evolve as market conditions change.”

Social Bluebook currently supports pricing on influencer favorite platforms YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. The company soon hopes to expand its formula to Facebook emerging platforms like Twitch and Snapchat, as well as blogging services.

Illustration by Max Fleishman

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