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Short film '3 Seconds' suggests we'll all die by rainbow barf.

A haunted Snapchat account may not sound too creepy, but you haven't seen this girl's inbox. 

In 3 Seconds, a self-proclaimed "Snapchat horror short film," one user finds herself wondering if she's dealing with a prankster—or something a little more sinister. 

It stars comedian and YouTuber Allison Raskin (of Just Between Us) in an uncharacteristically spooky role. 

As filmmaker Alex J. Mann told the Daily Dot via email: "I asked myself, 'What's the scariest possible thing that could happen on Snapchat?' A few things came to mind: 1.) Receiving a Snapchat from yourself, or someone impersonating you. 2.) Receiving a Snapchat from a dead person, but I've already covered that in Green Dot. 3.) Receiving a Snapchat of you sleeping. Number 3 felt like the most applicable for a film."

"Did i wake u? :)" just might be 2016's "The call is coming from inside the house."
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