Here's Arnold Schwarzenegger farting for 4 minutes straight

arnold schwarzenegger farts
This is far funnier than it has any right to be.

If you’re a fan of both the ludicrous action films of Arnold Schwarzenegger and unapologetic potty humor, then today should feel like Christmas: YouTube’s DistractotronChannel just delivered a four-minute reel of the ex-governor’s finest onscreen moments—masterfully mixing fart sound effects into each one. Not impressed? You will be.

Yes, between Ah-nold’s strained faces and clunky line deliveries, not to mention the bemused reactions of his many co-stars (Carl Weathers in Predator is especially but justifiably alarmed), this montage proves that a sophomoric joke done well can get the better of anyone.


I think we all now have a pretty good idea what The Expendables 3 is about.

Photo via DistractotronChannel/YouTube

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