Sandwiches—they're what's for post-Thanksgiving day lunch

thanksgiving leftover
What's better than Thanksgiving dinner? Why, lunch of course.

With the drunk uncle gone and the house to yourself, we can all agree the day after Thanksgiving is better than the actual holiday.

As lunch time rolls around to much of the country, we found our 10 favorite favorite lunch dishes you are remixing from your turkey day leftovers. Excuse us while we make a stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato, turkey sandwich drizzled in cranberry sauce.

Photo by @meowzam


This pregnant turkey prank is what Thanksgiving is all about
If there’s one holiday that’s about tradition, it’s Thanksgiving. From who carves the turkey to who gets to break the wishbone, Thanksgiving is a day that operates on rituals and customs. But tradition doesn't just stop at the dinner table. Part of what makes the day so special is the act of passing on recipes from one generation to the next. In one kitchen, however, the tradition was less about thanks and more about pranks.
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