Clint Eastwood rant spawns #eastwooding meme

All you need is an empty chair and an accusatory finger.

Last night at the Republican National Convention, Hollywood icon and noted GOP OG Clint Eastwood chastised a chair.

The chair was supposed to represent President Barack Obama, but it was unmistakably unoccupied.

That didn't stop Eastwood from lambasting said chair for a full eight minutes, chastising it for Obama's handling of Russian relations, Vice President Joe Biden's intellectualism, and the president's lack of any experience in the business world.

The end result? A whole lot of uncomfortable laughs from GOP politicians and supporters with well groomed hair, a new Twitter handle that will surely die out as fast as this political premise of directing conversations at people who aren't there, and a new meme, henceforth known as #eastwooding, which is detailed as follows.

Photo via Marcusolang/Twitter

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