This week featured gossiping hippos, pepper-spraying cops and history with a gossipy twist. 

On Tumblr this week, we found that hippos gossip just as much as your nosy cubicle mate, the 18th century has its own Perez Hilton and the Pepper Spraying Cop hates everything.

Wipe off that smudge of pumpkin pie on your glasses and enjoy Reblog, the Daily Dot’s take on the week that was on the sweetest of blogging websites.

Hippo Coworker was one our favorite new Tumblrs earlier this week with its spot-on captions of the annoying coworkers that inevitably fill up office parks around the world. As the week progressed, the blog smartly unveiled classifications of notorious coworkers, including the single coworker and the wanna be “cool” coworker.

So while you try to deflect your single colleague’s invitation to dinner, deflect his attention with Perez Hamilton—the 18th century’s very own Perez Hilton. Honestly, if you can somehow find a way to call a historical figure a “bb,” you will quickly become this writer’s new browser homepage.

Then there is this: Self Pop Tart dedicated to the fools who take cellphone pictures of themselves. But they replace the cellphone (or camera) with a Pop Tart. It doesn’t need more an explanation, really, but the Daily Dot did reach out to the unemployed blog’s creator. He told us the breakfast item takes away the “pompousness” of people posing with phones and that since he is looking for a job is he part of the “frosted percent.”

We can only imagine what Pepper Spraying Cop had to say about that but it looks like hes taking a trip through time and poisoning quarterbacks, The Beatles, and the cast of Sesame Street. So at least we found out how the cop is keeping busy now that he is on paid administrative leave.

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