Roscue the pug brings the hits every Wednesday morning. 

Roscoe the pug, a podcast disc jockey who shares his views on pugs and pug-related issue via his PugCast podcast every Wednesday evening, has found a sizeable niche audience.  The podcast is available on iTunes and touts a mission to deliver, “the most important pug news and analysis, for pugs, by pugs.”

“We’re pushing at least 25, maybe 30 regular listeners now,” said PugCast community manager Tanya Orms.  ”Roscoe barks the truth. That’s what the pug community wants to hear.”

Though the PugCast is still relatively tiny, it is already attracting interest from advertisers, according to sources.  The show is reportedly planning to use advertising revenue to expand its reach by purchasing ads on iPhone apps related to dogs and politics.

Via zoomar

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