Prince joins Twitter, takes amazing selfie

Prince NSJ | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Prince tweets 2 U—for real this time. 

There have been hints of Prince on Twitter, via the number-and-letter friendly PrinceTweets2U account, which may or may not be run by comedian Jake Fogelnest.

But yesterday, there seemed to be more Prince-related activity on Twitter than usual. It looked like PRINCE 3RDEYEGIRL had been verified. A Twitter Music rep confirmed it was him. The deluge commenced.

Prince isn’t known for being especially social-media savvy. (He once called the Internet a fad.) But he’s quickly figuring out this whole Twitter game.

His avatar for 3RDEYEGIRL, which looks to be a new musical project he’s working on, shows him wearing a sleeping mask, holding a finger to his lips, surrounded by three beautiful girls. So, he seems to be in his natural habitat, on an astral plane over Funkytown.

There were other highlights:

His first selfie.  

He posted the requisite food photo.

He shouted out 2 tha ladies, or perhaps the ladies in his new band, 3RDEYEGIRL:

So far, Prince has more than 45,000 followers. Naturally, he follows no one.

Photo via PeterTea/Flickr

Prince wants to tweet 2 u
Prince has always had an adverse relationship with the Internet. The enigmatic R&B star has hired the Web Sheriff to protect his copyright claims, threatened to sue YouTube, refused to license his music to iTunes, and even shut down his own site in 2010. At the time, Prince’s understanding of the Web was rivaled only by late Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens, famous proclaiming the Internet’s days numbered:
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