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There’s bland soup, yerba mate tea, streaking, and talk of how Old Crow Medicine Show “rips.”

The fourth season of Portlandia debuts Feb. 27 on IFC, but a few teaser episodes appeared online this week, to celebrate their version of Super Bowl tailgating.

In the five-episode web series, Portlandia characters Kris (Carrie Brownstein) and Malcolm (Fred Armisen) tailgate before the craziest sporting event of the year: A live taping of A Prairie Home Companion. There’s bland soup, yerba mate tea, streaking, and talk of how Old Crow Medicine Show “rips.”


These are essentially ads, with Subaru being the brand here. The product placement is a little jarring, but come Sunday, that’s all you’ll be seeing. Now if they’d had a Garrison Keillor cameo, in which a cooler full of piping hot yerba mate was dumped on him by overzealous greys, these spots might have been a bit more exciting.



However, if you want to skip the concussive fervor the Super Bowl, watch this, watch the Puppy Bowl, take a bubble bath, and be in bed by 9:30.

Screengrab via IFC/YouTube

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