People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly launch streaming video hub

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Max Fleishman

It's called 'PEWN.'

Good news, old-school showbiz magazine fans: Time Inc. is expanding two of its most popular entertainment brands into a one-stop streaming video network. It’s called the People and Entertainment Weekly Network, or PEWN, and it will be completely free to viewers and supported by advertising. 

Viewers can expect a linear, TV-like watching experience (think Access Hollywood or E! News) with the entertainment coverage both magazines are famous for. According to Variety, PEWN will launch with “about 100 hours of original programming, including daily programming around celebrities, pop culture, lifestyle and human-interest stories, rounded out by Time Inc.’s library of VOD assets." 

PEWN is set to debut in fall 2016.

Elsewhere in the Time Inc. presentation, Sports Illustrated announced it will be releasing an animated version of Kobe Bryant’s basketball farewell, Dear Basketball.

H/T Variety

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