Orlando Bloom's uncensored nude paddleboarding pics hit the internet

orlando bloom dick pics

Photo via www.GlynLowe.com / Flickr (CC-BY-SA) Remix by Max Fleishman

Just hours after the censored versions came out.

When censored versions of Orlando Bloom's nude paddleboarding photos hit the internet on Wednesday evening, thirsty people everywhere wanted more. They wanted that black privacy box to disappear since they were just working with a shadow. Shadows may keep you cool, but they ultimately quench nothing.

These hot shots weren't forgotten outtakes from Pirates of the Caribbean. The actor and Tamagotchi-killer was vacationing with his beau Katy Perry, having a grand ol' time cruising the waters and doing other fun things at an Italian beach in the buff. It's worth noting that Perry chose not to bare all.

The unedited versions of the paparazzi pics were uncovered early Thursday morning. They've hit the dick pic archival blogs and pretty much any corner of the internet that has an interest in male celebs' anatomy.

Twitter, of course, had feelings (mostly thirst).

You may be thinking to yourself, "where the hell are the nude photos in this story?" Well, we're leaving the actual discovery to you guys.

Watching Lord of the Rings will never be the same. 

Censored Orlando Bloom nudes have sparked a massive search for the originals
Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom has gone au naturale during a recent Italian beach getaway with girlfriend Katy Perry . Thanks to the New York Daily News , the world now has access to a collection of censored pictures that include Bloom rowing, climbing rocks, and gracefully standing in the nude.
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