OK Go's mindf*ck new music video bends time itself

ok go the one moment water balloons exploding

Screengrab via OK Go/Facebook

Here they go, here they go again.

Ten years after they blew minds with their treadmill choreography on "Here It Goes Again," OK Go continue to push the boundaries of the music video format. The band's new one, "The One Moment," stretches an explosive 4.2 seconds of footage into a four-minute-long video, screwing around with time itself. 

[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/okgo/videos/10153836041340683/ video embed.]

The titular moment involves flying paint, shattering glass, indoor rain, water balloons, and exploding guitars. How the hell did they do it? Seven different cameras responding to digital triggers, plus "a motherfucker of a spreadsheet," according to frontman and video director Damian Kulash. 

[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/okgo/videos/10153837493920683/?hc_location=ufi video embed.]

OK Go vids always match the music in new, quirky, and technically complex ways. Their weird performance art projects are all different, but the aim stays the same. Forget the haters: In turbulent times, there's something kind of comforting about that.
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