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Over the weekend, Ohio State University embraced the throwback and paid tribute to Michael Jackson.

Ohio State University’s marching band has fully embraced virality. Over the weekend, though, they embraced the throwback and paid tribute to Michael Jackson.

The whole 11-minute halftime performance can be found here. They covered several of Jackson’s songs, including “Bad” and “Man in the Mirror." But the holy-shit moment came when the band collectively took the shape of Jackson moonwalking, and then moonwalks, to the tune of “The Way You Make Me Feel.”

It’s all about the details: They even included the white glove. And yes, there’s a split.

Correction: Ohio University, not the Ohio State, recently covered Ylvis’s “The Fox” during halftime, and last September they reinterpreted Psy's “Gangnam Style.” We regret the error.

Screengrab via Kris Atwater/YouTube

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