Obama's workout playlist is the ultimate in dad pop

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Photo via U.S. Department of Commerce/Flickr (CC-BY-ND )

Dad rock for dad reps.
President Obama on Tuesday shared his workout playlist with Wired. It’s rooted in dad sensibilities that prioritize high-energy noise to fuel the movements, rather than cohesion. 

It’s bad, but also filled with heart. 

Obama likes the worst Jay Z song ever (“Off That,” from 2009’s Blueprint III clunker, which features Drake). He apparently read Rolling Stone’s best-of-2015 issue and worked in Aussie singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett. (She’s a trendy decoration, sure, but does pack chops as a writer.) Icona Pop is probably an inside joke with his daughters. (Bet he danced all dad-like and silly when “I Love It” piped in over the Air Force One speakers). 

Check out the other gems below.

We get it, dude; you’re a Nina Simone fan.

H/T Wired
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