President Obama prepped for the DNC with some Eminem

obama eminem

Screengrab via Hillary Clinton/YouTube

He's just like us.

While most people at home prepped for the Democratic National Convention with some pizza and wine, those who had more important roles at the event hyped themselves up with some classic jamz.

Like President Barack Obama, who was caught on tape bopping along to none other than Eminem.

Hillary Clinton's campaign released a video this week showing the backstage happenings of the DNC. There's lots of celebs, hopeful smiles, and, most importantly, Obama getting down to "Lose Yourself."

Everyone in the room gleefully smiles while seeing their president be a total BAMF as the line "snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity" kicks the song into high gear.

The snippet starts at 0:59.

Maybe one day we'll get Obama lipsyncing the whole song on Ellen. We can hope, right?

H/T The Hill

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