"The Day that LOLcats Died” nets O Music Award nomination

The Viacom-backed awards show aims to celebrate digital music and "WTF?!" Web culture. 

During the height of the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protest IP Act protests, Forest Gibson and Zachary Cohn's “The Day that LOLcats Died” became a rallying song for the Web 2.0 generation.

Now the bubbly tune has been nominated for an O Music Award for best protest song. The new awards show is the latest endeavor by Viacom—the entertainment corporation that owns MTV—and is dedicated to celebrating digital music and “WTF?!" Web culture.

The song, which is set to the tune of Don McLean's "American Pie" has collected 893,000 views since January and features a cameo from I Can Has Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh. It was performed by Chris Parker.

“The Internet's very own grim reaper, users could not edit Ars Technica and Reddit,” Parker sings in the song. “Tumblr, Gawker, Hacker News, and Something Awful sang the blues, Every login was refused,The day the lolcats died.”

Gibson’s tune is up against some heavy hitters, including SOPA/PIPA song “SOPA Cabana” by Dan Bull. It has collected 1.3 million views since December.

Winners will be announced June 27 at 7:30 pm Eastern Time.

Photo via YouTube

ben huh
Ben Huh: the boss of meme culture
Ben Huh leads an empire of lolcats. Over the last five years, the Seattle entrepreneur has turned the cat-plus-funny-caption site I Can Has Cheezburger into an Internet-comedy network that now includes four more brands: Fail Blog, Know Your Meme, The Daily What, and Memebase.
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