NYC PodFest highlights the wacky, wild podcast world in real life

nyc podfest

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The cultural grab bag comes to a close on Sunday.

There’s more to podcasting than slapstick comedy, true crime stories,  and political commentary.

That’s the basis for NYC PodFest, the annual podcasting celebration, which finishes its weekend of programming on Sunday.

Each show—21 in all throughout the weekend—features podcast hosts recording an episode live in front of an audience with special guests from Janeane Garofalo to Morgan Spurlock.

Two days in, we’ve seen a surprisingly rabid fanbase cling to every word from a smattering of diverse shows. Only at PodFest can you catch a group of three middle-aged jokesters (Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave), a film podcast riffing on fantasy-action flop Gods of Egypt (The Flop House), and a drag queen laying out his nighttime adventures (Guys We Fucked) within a 48-hour span.

It’s certainly a grab bag of culture, themes, and characters. Now in its fourth year, NYC PodFest feels like an up-and-coming festival still coming into its own. But what else can you expect from a festival celebrating a decade-old medium that is still trying to figure out its place in the world?

NYC PodFest wraps up its weekend festivities at the Cake Shop (152 Ludlow St., New York, NY) with live tapings of shows like Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast, The Ensemblist and Mouth Time with Reductress.

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