The Internet's favorite rainbow feline/toaster pastry, Nyan Cat, conquers a new—OK, old—medium: the fax. 

The fax machine is a relic of the 1980s and ‘90s, a means of communication that has long since become obsolete thanks to email and the like.


But thanks to a creative new project from programmer Tom Scott, fax machines around the world have just regained their relevance.

By dialing 020 7233 6854 in the United Kingdom or +44 20 7233 6854 elsewhere around the world, you can make your fax machine slowly spit out a Nyan Cat printout along with a neverending tail.

“If you're using a more modern device, look for the ‘fax polling’ option—you may have to manually disconnect the phone line to stop it,” Scott wrote on his site.

Scott is also the creator of Klouchebag, a bro-friendly counterpart to Klout that measures a person’s asshattery on Twitter.

Photo via Will Thompson (@resiak)

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