In Rememberance: 10 most wondrous @NotTildaSwinton tweets

Beloved and bizarre account returns to the aether.

@NotTildaSwinton, we hardly knew ye.

After five days of transcendental musings, the brilliant fake Twitter feed @NotTildaSwinton is saying goodbye to her 30,000 devoted Twitter followers or “Tildren.” What began on May 21 with a tweet about feasting on large game in the shadow of the eclipse, has morphed into a Twitter phenomenon attracting the attention of Patton Oswalt, Ken Jennings, and a wide swath of journalists and Internet enthusiasts.

But as I’m sure @NotTildaSwinton would agree, nothing lasts forever. Earlier today, her makers announced the feed’s demise by revealing themselves to the world as 21-year-old Eli Yudin and 23-year-old Carey O’Donnell.

“The funniest part of this is that we’re no one, nobody,” Yudin tells Slate. "We're just two guys on Facebook chat. And I got to direct message back and forth with Patton Oswalt the other night."

As @NotTildaSwinton begins her ascent to a higher astral plane (a.k.a. Tumblr), join us in remembering ten of her most bizarre and wondrous tweets.

Image via @NotTildaSwinton

patton oswalt
Patton Oswalt spent the weekend trolling fans with 2-part tweets
Twitter humor is predictable. Even the weirdest crap can get formulaic—glitchy text nonsense, sexts, variations on "me irl" that link to shiba inu pictures (sorry)—so you gotta love it when someone steps in and reinvents the wheel.
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