nic cage whiteboard
Nicolas Cage + Wooly Willy = this whiteboard with Cage's face on it. You fill in the hairstyle (and the bees).

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Photo via Brandon Bird

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Kids' orchestra slays with Led Zeppelin xylophone covers
That rock and roll exists at all is a testament to artistic rebellion, and when it comes to turning convention on its head, the Louisville Leopard Percussionists are virtually without peers. Who else could translate the heavy metal stylings of Led Zeppelin into a xylophone-and-marimba opus?
nicolas cage
This simple Netflix hack will change your viewing experience forever
If you have a Pandora account, odds are that you have more than one station on it—you're not always in the mood for the same recommendations over and over again, are you? Maybe you have an Abba station for when you just feel like dancing, and a Mumford and Sons station for when you're working on perfecting that milk-steaming thing on the espresso machine that you bought solely for making burnt espresso and milk. Why should your Netflix account be any different?
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