Netflix is down and people are losing their s**t

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How am I supposed to Netflix and chill now?
Netflix experienced a major streaming outage on Saturday afternoon, leaving customers from San Francisco to Greece shut out of such critically acclaimed originals as Luke Cage, Stranger Things, and the eponymous Amanda Knox documentary.

Netflix customer service tweeted about its streaming service being down in the early afternoon. As of this writing, they've yet to tweet out any updates.

Binge-watchers globally are losing their shit over the lack of Netflix in their lives. How else can one Netflix and chill? Does that mean people have to just go straight to fucking, instead of, say, putting on a methane emissions documentary?
There's also plenty of people who don't give a shit about the sex part and just want to rekindle their relationship with Netflix.
People are panicking globally, taking to downdetector to commiserate.
In the words of Netflix, the Daily Dot will update you when the streaming service finally gets its shit together. Stay strong, fam.

Update 5:49pm CT Oct. 1: Netflix is back. You can stop panicking now.

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