This couple just raised the bar for Photoshopped engagement photos

Two thumbs up.

Who needs to sink hundreds of dollars into professional engagement photos when you can use Photoshop to make amateur ones. Pro-tip: Take your inspiration from Top Gun, The Shining, and Pulp Fiction.

This is exactly what Gamebeat reporter Jeff Grubb, 30, and his fiancée, Stephanie, did over two days, using whatever clothes and props they could find in their closet and at Goodwill.

“It still took a lot of time to set them up and get everything to look similar to what you see in the films or posters,” Grubb told the Daily Dot. “The editing also took forever. Honestly, I still have a handful of other pics that I'm still working on because they each take an hour to three hours to edit. With the day job and planning for the wedding, it's just not enough time.”


Grubb posted the full Imgur album of photos on Reddit Wednesday afternoon where they’ve more than 480 comments praising his creativity.

Grubb and his gal will be married this Saturday in a simple ceremony, with a party afterward. Sadfully, the movie theme will not find its way into the ceremony. And since their families haven’t seen the photos yet, they will surely make for a nice surprise.

“I love the Jaws one because it is just so stupid, but Back to the Future was the first one I edited it and when it came out so well, it really validated the idea—so I think I'm the most fond of that,” Grubb added.

Photos by Jeffrey Grubb

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