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As soon as the lights turned back on for Reddit, users expressed their collective relief—a gesture best captured by this GIF. 

Here at the Daily Dot, we have an unofficial tradition of sharing GIF images with each other every morning. Now we’re looping you into the circle. In the Morning GIF, we feature a popular—or just plain cool—GIF we found on Reddit, Canvas, or elsewhere on the Internet.

Like track stars eagerly waiting to bolt at the sound of the gun, redditors were ready to hit the ground running when the social news site turned back on the lights.

And once it did, users inundated Reddit with posts full of Stop Online Piracy Act updates, cute cats, and of course, GIF images.

One GIF of guinea pigs clamoring to be set free reached the front page with the title “Reddit 8’Oclock,” which references the time the site came back online after protesting against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act. The thread collected more than 400 comments.

“Felt a lot like counting down the new year,” commented i_lick_telephones.

“Today was the longest work day I have experienced in years,” commented Tr0ub4dor3. “Don't ever leave me again, Reddit. I will do whatever it takes to make this relationship work, I promise.”

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