This radio announcer's play-by-play was the best part of Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football streaker

Screengrab via Deadspin

He... could... go.. all.. the... way!

The most exciting thing to happen during Monday Night Football had nothing to do with San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams’ game or Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest

At the start of the fourth quarter, a presumably drunk man ran onto the field and managed almost a full lap before being tackled by security guards. 

The NFL has a strict policy about not televising streakers—it doesn’t want to encourage anyone to be tempted by those 15 seconds of fame—but that didn’t stop Westwood One radio announcer Kevin Harlan from giving the incident the most memorable play call of the year thus far. You’d think this guy was about to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl. 

Synced by Deadspin with video from Twitter user Kyle Madson, it’s an ESPN #SCTOP10 highlight. 

H/T Deadspin
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