New 'SNL' cast member Melissa Villaseñor criticized for old tweets

melissa villasenor

Screengrab via Melissa Villaseñor/YouTube

Time to pull out the magnifying glass.

Another new Saturday Night Live cast, another round of Look At These Old Racist Tweets. 

Melissa Villaseñor, SNL's first Latina cast member, is the latest comedian to get a close read on some old tweets. Over the weekend, Twitter user Aura Bogado noticed that Villaseñor, who is perhaps best known for her Owen Wilson impression, had deleted a more than 2,000 tweets. On Wednesday, she noticed a few that hadn't been. 

This might have been a preventive measure from SNL, since she'll now have a bigger spotlight on her words and actions, or maybe Villaseñor just realized some of her tweets were embarrassing. Still, a few dubious ones from five or six years ago fell through the cracks. 

Last September, featured SNL player Jon Rudnitsky's misogynistic tweets were put in the spotlight. (He was not brought back for season 42.) Before his first Daily Show, current host Trevor Noah's old tweets about Jews and women were put under the internet's magnifying glass. And, usually when this happens, the world keeps spinning and people move on with their lives. 

We've reached out to SNL for comment. 

H/T Perez Hilton 

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