No one is a bigger patriot than Matthew McConaughey at the Olympics

Matthew McConaughey Olympic rings

Photo via McConaughey/Twitter Remix by Jason Reed

He's 'loving it.'

Here's the thing about my dude Matthew McConaughey: He's really out here. 

This week the Oscar-winning actor became a fixture at the Rio Olympics, showing up at the pool, on the track, and basically anywhere fit bodies competed in his patriotic-but-chill T-shirts. He's into rugby, volleyball, and Katie Ledecky, apparently.

Don't be surprised if he's wielding the Weber, some Ballpark franks, and a big ol' jar of relish the next time cameras catch him on the sidelines. He may be on hand as a branded ambassador (he's got a movie to promo, after all), but dude is here to have a good time.

"I'm loving it," the 46-year-old told BBC Radio. "Once the party has started, you're not going to throw a better one than Brazil."

Yeah, buddy. We'll see you in the pool. 

H/T The Cut
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