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Here's a blunt look at 4/20, the unofficial stoner's holiday, through the eyes of the Internet. Breathe deep. Or not.  

Happy 4/20, the unofficial holiday celebrating marijuana!

These are good times to be a pothead” writes Los Angeles blog LA Observed. “Let's Be Blunt: It's Time to End the Drug War” argues Forbes.

Just how many people celebrate 420 anyway? The Washington Post estimates at least 14.7 million people smoke weed in the United States (2010 numbers), so we’re banking the answer is “a lot.”  

As you ready your pipe, bong, bowl or whatever apparatus you have at hand for weed smoking (not that we'd condone such an act) enjoy these videos celebrating the act of toking.

Check out this YouTube video of student celebrations at the University of Colorodo Boulder in 2010. Estimates put the crowd size at more than 10,000. (Parents, avert your eyes, unless you're in the crowd.)

These two hipsters, with their bong, get so high, they swap bodies somehow. They also make fun of the Huffington Post.

“There Will Be Bud” is a parody of the 2007 movie There Will Be Blood, replacing oil with weed. You might want a milkshake afterward.

Here’s a one-minute, 28-second video, done in a pixelated art style, mimicking what getting high is like. Apparently, it involves flying through the air on a rainbow dodging snacks otherwise known as munchies, Nyan Cat style.

This music video, by the local Los Angeles band YRF Squad asks “Can we get much higher?” That depends. 

For people into lists, Watch Mojo’s has compiled a list of their top 10 stoner scenes in movies, and this YouTube video purports to have the top 10 best songs to smoke weed to. The Daily Dot can’t vouch 100 percent for both selections as being the very best, but we weren't disappointed either.

Or, if videos aren’t your thing, check out the Daily Dot’s favorite crowdsourced comic on the act of pot-smoking, “Africa.”

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