Trapped in the Tumblr Closet: Macklemore

The inspiring rapper discusses thrift shopping, his purpose, and more. 

Macklemore is using the spoken word to create change. With his immaculate blonde quiff, wistful blue eyes, and rad sartorial style, this Seattle-born rapper is sincere in his songs and urgent in their meanings. And with help from producer Ryan Lewis, he’s putting the spotlight on addictioncivil rightsloyalty, love, and pride in a humble, genuine, relatable way. This stuff is socially conscious rap at its best. 

The duo’s first studio album, The Heist, is now on the shelves, and the music world is stirring. Macklemore stopped by the Closet and chatted with us about thrift shopping, his purpose on earth, and cornrow possibilities for TommyPom.

Macklemore mocks 'Thrift Shop' in a 'Sesame Street' parody with Oscar the Grouch
Macklemore’s going beyond the thrift shop searching for bargains. The rapper recently visited Sesame Street and joined up with the Grouches to find the most disgusting pieces of trash around. It's a parody of “Thrift Shop” that could double as a commentary for how some people feel about the original. It’s at least a year late but no less enjoyable, as Macklemore is fully willing to poke fun at himself.
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