'The Lion King' is getting a CGI reboot like 'The Jungle Book'

lion king

Photo via Disney

The realistic CGI reboot will include songs from the original.

Jon Favreau's live action/CGI Jungle Book movie was a huge hit this year, and it looks like his next job is rebooting another Disney classic: The Lion King.

The Walt Disney Company announced the film in a press release, saying, "The Lion King builds on Disney’s success of reimagining its classics for a contemporary audience with films like MaleficentCinderella, and The Jungle Book."

Favreau shared the news on Twitter with a not-so-cryptic emoji tweet.

The "reimagined" Lion King will include songs from the original animated movie, and is expected to be filmed in a similarly realistic style to The Jungle Book—although presumably without any human characters.
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