Leslie Jones says no one will dress her for 'Ghostbusters' premiere

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Screengrab via Leslie Jones/Instagram

But this 'Project Runway' alum comes to the rescue.

In a very sweet showing of social media solidarity, Project Runway alum Christian Siriano may have saved Leslie Jones from a fashion emergency this week.

It all started Tuesday afternoon, when the Ghostbusters star tweeted her frustration at trying to find a designer willing to outfit her with a dress for the movie's July premiere. It seems that, despite the summer blockbuster she's starring in and her status as a Saturday Night Live cast member, designers weren't clamoring to help the six-foot-tall comedian with her red carpet look the way they typically do with other high-profile entertainers.

Siriano, known for his bold suiting and custom gown work, replied simply with a raised hand emoji and a wave, and Jones seemed relieved, to say the least.
After getting praise from the Twitter community for his offer to help, Siriano sent out a follow-up tweet, explaining that his willingness to work with clients of all body types shouldn't be a standout in his industry.
While Jones is still yet to formally accept his offer, the pair are meeting soon to discuss what kind of gown Jones would like to wear.

In all likelihood, thanks to Siriano's kindness and the power of Twitter, this wardrobe crisis has been averted. 

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