Kreayshawn's "Breakfast" won't leave you hungry for more

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syrup bitches
The Oakland rapper's latest video isn't likely to match the success of her YouTube hit "Gucci Gucci."

Kreayshawn can’t get down with basic bitches, but she’s totally cool with breakfast.

The Oakland-based rapper debuted a new music video—titled “Breakfast (Syrup)” and featuring rapper 2 Chainz—that proves she loves pancakes just like everyone else. Since its posting Monday, the three-minute track has racked up 110,000 views.

“Breakfast” is the first single off her upcoming album, Somethin ‘Bout Kreay, due out in August. She signed an alleged seven-figure record deal with Columbia last year following her boffo viral hit “Gucci Gucci.”

Released last May, that song has been viewed 37 million times on YouTube. It also catapulted her to minor famedom and inspired numerous thinkpieces from the mainstream press, as dozens of journalists tried to figure her out.

Looking to capitalize off “Gucci Gucci,” her new song “Breakfast” is similar in-tune. It’s heavy with electronic beats, simple-minded lyrics (“I got all the syrup” is repeated ad-nauseum), and Kreayshawn’s signature sass.

If you’ve never liked Kreayshawn, then this song won’t lure you into Kreaymania. But it should play to her eclectic base. One fan congratulated her, tweeting “Good job on the 'Breakfast' video, you're going places and doing big things!” But other reactions have been mostly negative.

“Kreayshawn and 2 chainz together on a song?? i dont think it can get any more stupid and annoying than that!!!,” Alec Salas tweeted. Twitterer Michael Cotterall, meanwhile, is giving up breakfast in protest, writing, “I used to love breakfast until Kreayshawn and 2 Chainz ruined it....”

No word yet if syrup has replaced the swag pumping out of Kreayshawn ovaries.

Photo via YouTube

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