Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and Chris Brown are all going to a Kraftwerk concert—NOT

kim kardashian
Jake Fogelnest fools the masses into believing that top pop stars are attending a Kraftwerk concert. 

Twitter prankster and TV writer Jake Fogelnest has struck again.

Early Tuesday afternoon Fogelnest played a little trick on his 22,000 Twitter followers when he tweeted a fake message on behalf of TV personality Kim Kardashian.

“RT @KimKardashian: Woohoo!! Just got two tickets for the "Autobahn" show!!! <3 #kraftwerk,” tweeted Fogelnest.

Fogelnest followed up the fake Kardashian tweet with those parodying singers Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, both claiming that they to would be attending Kraftwerk’s show at the Museum of Modern Art. Kraftwerk is a electronic music band from Germany founded in 1970.

The messages irked at least 17 different people who could not land tickets to the exclusive MoMA performance.

“OK so I did get Kraftwerk tix, but I still hate Kim Kardashian, also Justin Bieber is going to Computer World, WHY MOMA WHY???” tweeted @UltramarineVint.

“The idea that Kim Kardashian actually WANTS to see Kraftwerk at the MoMA is highly entertaining unto itself. Also, odd,” tweeted @proggrrl.

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